We provide following services in the area of employment laws:

• We provide standard policy documents for employers including disciplinary and grievance procedures, consultancy agreements, written terms of employment and employee handbooks.
• We give advice on dismissals, industrial relations and collective issues, the protection of businesses through restrictive covenants and confidentiality.
• We conduct contractual negotiations when an employer is looking to appoint or dismiss an employee.
• We seek court remedies such as injunctions in order to protect a business.
• We handle employee claims before various courts.
• We handle the litigation arising from employment related issues, whilst also providing critical advice to clients on non-contentious in-house matters, with a view of avoiding court action in the future.

Employment Benefits: In today’s competitive marketplace for human capital, executive compensation arrangements and employee benefit programs are indispensable tools for attracting and retaining first-rate talent. Our employee benefits team advises on all types of employee share scheme including employee stock option plans, hybrid employee benefit plans etc. We have advised a variety of companies on introducing innovative employee benefit schemes including Wealth Creation Policy.

We provide:

• Creative advice and tax-effective solutions.

• Give clear guidance on the corporate and shareholder aspects of employee share incentives with a particular awareness of the views of institutional investors.

• Schemes which best suit your employee culture and are compatible with any share incentive arrangements which your company already has in place.

• Work closely with you at all stages in bringing an employee incentive scheme into your organization, and will continue to assist you in post-implementation activities such as advising on ongoing reporting and other regulatory requirements.