Civil Law: the aspects best civil lawyers observe.

The matters of Civil Law Nature are between individuals, organizations, or between the two in which rights and liabilities of the individual or organization are to be determined. Monetary compensation or a direction of relief is generally awarded in favor of the sufferer in a civil law dispute. Such compensation or relief can be life-changing or life-wrecking, which is why the litigants engage look for the best civil lawyers to side them. An informed choice can, of course, can yield better consequence. But what are the parameters of this choice? Who are the best civil lawyers, and why? Well, we haven’t met a lawyer in the past many years who claimed to be less than best. So let’s just rather put out the qualities that one must expect in the best civil lawyer.

Best civil lawyers of Bhandari Law Firm have a wide range of practice and are very versatile.

English, Roman Portuguese, and French law immensely contributed to the evolution of Civil Law in India. The Areas of practice in Civil law includes successiongiftsmortgage, title, leasepossessiontenancycontractmatrimonial, Intellectual property rights, Debt recovery tribunalConsumer law, Environment law, Taxation law, Company law, Labour laws, International law and Constitutional law. Code of Civil Procedure, Hindu Succession Act, Indian Succession Act, Muslim Law, Transfer of Property Act, Rent Control Act, The Waqf Act, Land acquisition, rehabilitation & resettlement act, Indian Contract Act, Company Act, Consumer Act, Income Tax Act, Labour Act, The Limitation Act, and Constitutional Law etc., all and the many more acts and statutes are included in the civil law practice and are the domain of the best civil lawyers.Thus being quite exhaustive in scope, civil law field comes with many challenges and nuances. The best civil lawyers administer every step with absolute diligence. As legal practice is a one-way ticket, a great deal of dedication is required. For example, once the evidence stage is concluded, it becomes challenging to have the additional evidence.

Exports in Land & Property dispute case, A major area of litigation and practice in Chandigarh Mohali and Panchkula as well as High Court Chandigarh is property law and best civil lawyers of Bhandari Law Firm deals with the cases:-

  • In intestate succession, the property among legal heirs is distributed according to personal laws and civil courts have the jurisdiction to conduct a trial.
  • Whereas, Indian Succession Act is applicable on testamentary succession.
  • The cases involving modes of transfer can be adjudicated as per the provisions of Transfer of Property Act by the Civil Courts.
  • Matter related to tenancy is adjudicated as per Rent Control Act by Rent controller.
  • The acquisition of land has proceeded under Land acquisition rehabilitation & resettlement Act and dispute will be addressed by Deputy Collector.
  • Probate of Will, or Challenging the validity of Will etc.
  • Suit for Declarations.
  • Suit for possession and title of immovable property in Civil Courts.


It is always recommended to engage the best Civil Lawyers of Bhandari Law firm in Chandigarh Mohali and Panchkula as well as High Court Chandigarh and Supreme Court of India for your property dispute. We have a reputation for having repeatedly performed at our best while dealing with such exhaustive matters.